Cataclysm – Plans and Goals

So, now that I’ve got this blog up and running, I figured I should probably get some actual news and such out about my primary project that most people know me for: the Cataclysm Series.

Where we’re at:

I’m working on Cataclysm: Beginning of the Fall currently. No estimate of a date for release of prologue yet, but planning is well underway and I’ve got a lot on paper, but nothing really is organized. Just a bunch of disconnected scenes at the moment.

Where I’m going:

I can already tell that there will likely be another book after this one that is actually my first true straight up work of fiction… I’ve been working off a template up till now. But that’s a different animal to tackle and that’s a long ways away.

What I’m working on currently:

At the suggestion of friends and an invitation from another website, I’m going to Upload the Cataclysm series (1, 2, 2.5 and then 3 as it comes out) onto Wattpad, as well as Archive of Our Own if I get in. I’ll be posting updates to this blog about what’s going on.

What I’d like to work on at some point:

I’ve been thinking about contacting Riot in regards to KindleWorlds or something similar, like Kindle Direct Publishing or CreateSpace. I’m not entirely sure what the policy regarding the later two are as far as Fan Fiction goes, and I’m not exactly sure if I want to subject myself to the restriction and such that comes with KindleWorlds, but I also suppose it also comes down to what Riot will let me do, since I am using their characters and such.

We’ll see what happens.

Cataclysm – Plans and Goals

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