Yesterday, I attended LEC^2. (LECC or LoL East Coast Convention). It was a shit show. Here’s my story about what happened.

So, about 4 months back, at the very end of January, I got asked to put a panel together for this convention, as there had been very little in the way of interest in the entire thing and there was already trouble with getting scheduling set up. A friend of mine who I help run a Guild out of Richmond asked me if I’d be interested and I said I’d consider it. Well, regardless, I’d done panels/presentations on League as a cultural phenomenon at other small cons in the past so I agreed. I mean, why wouldn’t you? I’m not exactly a big name content creator. I don’t have a massive youtube following… I just write fan fiction and argue with people on the internet about lore and how Riot likes to make stupid decisions and pour all their time and effort in Esports.

And man, I was really excited too. I had been asked to do a Lore panel! My specialty! This will be fun.

For the next four months I worked up this amazing presentation all about the Lore behind the two major powers that drove the League of Legends, why Riot canned it all, and how it could have been done better to guide my panel. I was all set, months in advance.


Fast forward to the beginning of June. I’m done with classes and now I’m working two jobs, so scheduling is a pain. I know what days the conventions is going to be…. but that’s it.

There has been nothing, no information, no schedule, not a single damn thing about Panels. They were written in as just ‘Panels’. There wasn’t an indication as to what went where, who was doing what, when it was going on… I was completely in the dark. AND I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PRESENTING A PANEL TO GOD KNOWS HOW MANY PEOPLE IN LESS THAN A WEEK. I WAS FREAKING OUT.

T-minus 2 days.

Lo and behold the schedule is finally released. My panel is 1pm Friday. Okay, I can work with that. First panel of the convention, so no pressure right? I’ve got this. I’m excited.

There was one little doubt I had though… I had seen anything about the panels. I had been asked for several varying levels of description. A full paragraph, and a short snippet. I assumed these would go in schedules and that nice big guide book you get from conventions usually. You know the ones that have bio’s on important people, schedules, information and all that. So I wasn’t too worried.



So, because was Friday, most people were working, and my panel had been scheduled at the exact same time as the Meet and Greet opening. And it was right next door.

The realization of what was coming was pretty crushing. All the big names that this convention had likely paid for to come visit were going to be right next to me doing their thing, and I was going to likely be passed over. But no worries. I’m prepared to give my presentation and just chat with anyone who wanted to hang out and listen to what I had to say.

So 12:45 rolls around and I go and get set up. There’s a projector and Microphones and stuff set up, it all looks pretty solid. I set up my laptop with my powerpoint stuff and wait.

I had seen a few TVs set up on stands that looked like directions and descriptions. I checked a few out and didn’t see anything. Technical errors right? Nope.

Turns out, I sat in an empty hall for 50 minutes, chatting with one person, the staffer who was supposed to sit and help me with any issues I ran into.

Needless to say other than a few people poking their heads in, nobody knew what the fuck was going on and I wasted a bunch of my time, money and a lot of effort because these morons had no idea what the fuck they were doing. It was sad and maddening, considering the hosts had invited me to come but had made be spend $44 fucking bucks to get into the glorified twitch meet and greet.

So yeah. Fuck this.

Thanks to the one guy who sat through this shitshow and chatted so I didn’t feel like a complete dunce.

Oh and thanks to Trick2G for the swag for my guild, and Sky for giving me his signature in exchange for a hug. And calling me ‘Bear’.

TL;DR: Fuck that, never again. Got screwed out of a bunch of time and money cause people organizing this shit had no clue what was going on.

I’ll likely do follow up to this mess at some later point, actually going over it and spelling out my criticisms better, but for now I just wanted to get this out.


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